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Learning Journey ( 益  智  之  旅  )
Golden Travel has received recognition as a market leader in the school industry. In view of the rising demand, a new division - " LEARNING JOURNEY " is set up in 1993 specially to innovate immersion packages so as to stimulate students' learning and creativity through knowledge-integrated sightseeing.

SC Cultural & Educational Network
The company specializes in formulating events to promote exchange between Singapore and other countries in the field of culture, art and Education. In order to foster bonds and cooperation between the countries, SC Cultural and Educational Network has set up offices in China, India and representative offices in other countries responsible for the exchange and expansion programs. The efforts to foster ties between Singapore and other countries students have been highly commended by the education ministries of the countries.

Spring In The City ~ Cultural, Arts & Travel Fair  (  春  城  洋  溢  华  夏  情   )
A showcase of fine Chinese arts and culture, which was started to revive the festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year here, has become one of the most iconic annual events in Singapore. Being a regular event held on a massive scale, Spring in the City has given  opportunities for many professional China performing groups to perform overseas and is a key driving force in broadening the influence of that country’s performing arts.

Insure Your Trip
When you travel, it is strongly advised to take out a travel insurance policy before your trip. Don't allow any unfortunate inconveniences to put a damper on your trip; remember by purchasing an affordable travel insurance policy, covering you against travel mishaps.

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